OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) State House Democrats have filled their floor leadership positions for the upcoming 52nd Oklahoma Legislature.

Democratic Floor Leader Mike Brown of Tahlequah said Tuesday that Rep. Ben Sherrer of Chouteau will be the Democratic whip and that Reps. Wes Hilliard of Sulphur and Jerry McPeak of Warner will be deputy Democratic floor leaders.

Named assistant Democratic floor leaders were Reps. Wallace Collins of Norman, Wade Rousselot of Wagoner, Jabar Shumate of Tulsa, Jeannie McDaniel of Tulsa and Larry Glenn of Miami.

Brown says each one brings their own unique qualities to the job and is committed to their role as public servants of the people.

Democratic Leader Danny Morgan of Prague says the floor leaders reflect the strength and diversity of the House Democratic caucus.

Glenn is in his second term as a state Representative.

He and his wife, Janet, reside in Miami.