Markwayne Mullin, a conservative businessman Tuesday announced his campaign for the Republican nomination for Congress in the Second District of Oklahoma. His tour throughout eastern Oklahoma took him to Miami late Monday afternoon where he visited with area business owners and a stop at the Miami News-Record.

Pledging a grassroots effort, Mullin said, "We need to restore America and stop the Obama administration from bankrupting our country even further."

Mullin is known across northeastern Oklahoma because of Mullin Plumbing, which employs more than 100 employees.

"As a businessman when you're sitting around listening to politicians I don't care whether they're Republicans or Democrats. When they're sitting there talking about creating jobs and what they're saying and what they're doing is two different things, all of us in the work force, we realize there's a big difference,"Mullin said.

Mullin said regulations are killing all industries from banking to construction and farming.

"They're telling us how to run our jobs and how to run our land and they haven't even been there. I don't know how a person can go in and run a business. tThat's what the government is doing with regulation. We need to get the economy back on it's feet so, let's do it, let's go to work."

"We need a businessman in Congress, not a politician."

Mullin started his announcement tour Tuesday, September 6, at Gymnastics City, a Claremore business owned by his aunt.

"I've been saying it for some time the government "I've been saying it for some time the government doesn't do anything but create more government jobs," he said.

"We need a business owner who understands how to invest, operate a company without debt, be innovative and create jobs in the free enterprise system. We need business principles applied to the way our country operates.

"If Congress continues its destructive habit of reckless spending and increasing debt, even those of us who have been responsible with our finances will suffer the consequences. And so will our children and their children. In other words, if Washington fails, we all fail."

"Make no mistake about it. The political elite will fight me at every step because I won't say or do the politically popular things. Career politicians are the problem with our country right now."

Mullin took over his family's plumbing business 14 years ago with six employees and has grown it into one of the largest service companies in Oklahoma with more than 100 employees. He also owns Mullin Environmental, Mullin Services and Mullin Properties along with ranching operations in Adair and Wagoner counties.

When asked what led him to run he said,"I'm not a good Monday morning quarterback. I mean you can gripe about it for so long, and when you're in a position you can do something about it then you should."

Mullin said many politicians have made self-serving careers of political office that is not best for the country and these politicians should be focused on service to their country and constituents.

When asked how his campaign platform relates to local voters he used the example of growing up in Adair County. Mullin said that the county"had a dairy farm and chicken growers on every corner" and he said the EPA came in and started regulating the dairies and there are now only two dairies left there. "How you relate it in District Two is that the EPA is regulating everybody on every level and it is affecting us in every direction. It's gone overboard.

Regulation was meant to protect our health and safety, but it's got to the point now where it's not just regulating the way we work, but how we work and there's no common sense to it."

He said the EPA and government need to take into consideration the economic impact of the regulations imposed.

Mullin said he can relate to local voters. He said, "I'm not trying to make good talking points. I've been there. I'm not ever going to be politically correct, but it's who I am. That's why we're only giving it six years. The reason why is that all of us understand time frames and which one do you operate best, in the one where you know it's going to end, or the one where your'e not sure how long it's going to last?

During my six years I will give District Two 100 percent. If I am going to make the sacrifice and be away from my family, I can guarantee it's going to be worth all of our time."

In a press release Mullins cites the following:

"There are three principles Mullin said he applies to business that he will apply in Congress for the next six years before returning home.

1. "The first principle I use in business is that we operate without debt. If we can't pay for it, we don't buy it. Those reds vans you see across Oklahoma; they're all paid for and we take pride in that because the first key to a thriving business is to quit strangling yourself with debt.

"We need to cut government spending, cut frivolous pork projects, cut foreign aid and cut the bloated bureaucracy." Mullin cited the Environmental Protection Agency as government's worst offender, and said he has had to personally fight against unnecessary and "ridiculous"


"We also must take a fundamental look at entitlements, and ask ourselves if we're truly helping the poor or if we're creating a cycle of dependency.

Instead of cutting spending, they raised the debt ceiling, and you can bet, I never would have compromised. You'll never get out of debt by taking on more debt. It just won't happen."

2. Customer service is the second principle used at Mullin companies. "Too often, government thinks we work for them," said Mullin. "We need to take America back from the career politicians and the Obama liberals in the White House. The tax dollars belong to us. We earned them, not the government. I will fight against the Obama administration and their policies at every step."

"If we want to grow the economy, stop regulating businesses, plain and simple - stop regulating and give the business owners the confidence to invest and create jobs."

"As I've been around the district, I've heard from small business owners, farmers and ranchers, and they say the same thing. Get the government out of our lives and off our property. We know how to run our businesses, and we care more for the safety of our employees than faceless bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. And as a rancher, I assure you we are far better shepherds of our land than the EPA."

3. The third principle at Mullin Plumbing is that "we hire and fire the right way." "It's time for the American people to fire Barack Obama. It's time to fire the career bureaucrats who fail to understand customer service. It's time to fire the leaders of the U.S. Senate, and many of the senators and congressmen who just don't get it." The youngest of seven children, Mullin was raised in Adair County in Westville where he was known as a wrestling, rodeo and hunting enthusiast. He graduated from Stilwell High School and headed to college on a wrestling scholarship before returning to operate the family company. He received his associate's degree at OSU's Institute of Technology in Okmulgee."