A jury trial is scheduled to begin Tuesday for a 22-year-old Miami man accused of seriously injuring his girlfriend's 14-month-old child.

Child abuse charges were dropped against Christopher William Good on Nov. 1, and re-filed on Nov. 5. He also faces charges of intimidating a witness scheduled to testify.

The child's mother, Elizabeth Dawn Crafton, 22, was sentenced to 20 years in prison in July for her role in the child's abuse.

According to court documents, the toddler was taken to the Integris Baptist Regional Health Center on April 12, 2006.

Dr. Clark Osborn testified that the child was seen in the emergency room with evidence of a skull fracture, bruising, retinal hemorrhages and signs of prior bone breakage.

Doctors at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, where the baby was diagnosed, testified that the toddler had suffered “non-accidental trauma” as evaluated by physicians at Integris Baptist Regional Health Center.

Witnesses testified that Good had been the babysitter for the child and an additional 2-year-old boy on the three days prior to the discovery