A Miami boy bagged a 175-pound hog this week – his first ever.

Tanner Ernst, a 9-year-old student at Roosevelt Elementary, took his trophy with a .308 caliber rifle while on a hunting trip with family near Antlers.

The third grader absolutely loves to hunt and fish according to his father, Bob Ernst.

“Tanner loves to hunt deer, turkey, ducks, hogs, geese, pheasant, squirrel, rabbits and anything else there is a season for,” said Ernst. “Last year he started talking in class so his teacher told him to pretend he was in a deer stand and he was quiet from that point on.”

Ernst said his son recently got a Labrador puppy he hopes to get trained for waterfowl hunting.

Tanner’s desire extends beyond a hobby.

“He already plans on opening a hunting lodge when he’s older,” said Ernst. “He wants to do guided hunts. He already has the place named – Rockin E Hunting Lodge.”

Tanner says he is also considering a job in law enforcement, like his father – but only when he’s not hunting or fishing.