FAIRLAND - Andy Krebs was appointed Thursday night at the Fairland trustees meeting to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Charles Goad.

Mayor Gerald Tipton and trustees Don Wallace and Madaleen Miller voted in favor of the proposal. Trustee Charles Griffin was not present at Thursday's meeting.

The board of trustees also appoined Miller to the Fairland Economic Development Authority Board.

In other business, city attorney Eric Wade told the trustees that Bessie Mangum, a former city employee charged with embezzlement, paid $25,782 to the town in restitution.

Ottawa County District Court records show the embezzlement charge was dropped after Mangum entered into a two-year deferred prosecution agreement.

Town trustees also voted to repeal a 17-year-old ordinance regarding junkyards, salvage yards and auto wrecking yards and approved a new ordinance. City leaders said the two ordinances were similar, but the new ordinance detailed fence height requirements.

Lisa Jewett addressed the trustees and questioned the procedures used to fill the board vacancy.

After the meeting Jewett and Kathy Smith said they both applied for the position by submitting resumes to the trustees.

“We were never interviewed,” Jewett said.

The police department reported that 28 citations were written. Citations included nine drug- related traffic arrests.

The fire department reported 11 runs and the animal control department reported 27 calls were received - including a incident where a dog bit a child. The dog remains quarantined.

The trustees also approved:

The fiscal years 2008-2009 Estimate of Needs.

Approved a request by the school to hold a bonfire and pep rally on Oct. 16 and Nov. 6 in preparation of the Fairland and Afton football game and the annual Homecoming game.

Approved a Ground Lease Agreement between the community and the Fairland Senior Citizens' Center.

Authorized Mayor Tipton to send a letter to Grand Gateway requesting assistance in filing a Community Development Block Grant application.

Approved to send Lot Clean Up Notices to six property owners.

Approved constructing a fence partially around the east and west sides of Bush Park and a gate on the north side of the park.