Friends of the Coleman are making a final call for participants in the upcoming “Five Minutes of Fame” event.

A smilar event, held when the Coleman Theatre Beautiful turn 75 years old, brought a host of talent to the theatre stage - including a boy who did rope tricks, several singers, a burgeoning violinist and a fiddle champion. Each participant took the stage for five minutes, preserving their contribution in the celebratory event that has since been recorded to DVD and saved for posterity.

“The last ‘Five Minutes of Fame' was a wonderful success,” said organizer Robyn Carnett. “We want the same kind of response.”

As part of the celebration of Oklahoma's Centennial, the Friends will host a one-hour program to be held Nov. 3 just prior to a planned “Centennial Follies” event.

During that hour, each selected participant will have up to five minutes to perform on the Coleman Theatre stage.

Those selected to perform will be notified of approval no later than Oct. 22.

Deadline for entries is Monday. Auditions will be conducted at 10 a.m. Oct. 20. Registration forms are available at the Coleman Theatre.

For more information call the Coleman Theatre at 918-540-2425.