A contract was awarded this month to help bring the sidewalks in Quapaw up to ADA standards according to Sen. Charles Wyrick and Rep. Larry Glenn.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, $16 million of the state’s federal stimulus money has been set aside to help small communities, with a population of 5,000 or less, comply with the American Disabilities Act. Sidewalk improvements will be built along highways in 46 communities across the state.

Sen. Wyrick, D-Fairland, explained that unresolved ADA issues represent an unfunded mandate that can be very difficult for small communities like Quapaw with limited resources to address. If a community’s sidewalks are not ADA compliant, under federal law ODOT is only allowed to do minimum maintenance on nearby highways. By bringing sidewalks up to ADA standards, ODOT will now be able to conduct all necessary highway projects outside and throughout Quapaw.

Glover & Associates, Inc. of Muskogee was the lowest of three bidders for the Quapaw project according to Rep. Glenn, D-Miami. They were awarded a nearly $403,000 contract to update nearly half a mile of sidewalks along US-69A from 4th Street extending North In the town of Quapaw.

Once construction begins, the project is estimated to be completed within three months.