Governor Mary Fallin today issued a proclamation declaring the month of September, "National Preparedness Month", marking the 10th anniversary of the awareness raising month sponsored by the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security (OKOHS).

September's National Preparedness Month is an annual nationwide effort promoting the three simple steps Oklahomans should take to prepare for emergencies.

#1. Get a Kit of emergency supplies.

#2. Make a Plan on how you and your family will respond to an emergency.

#3. Be Informed about emergencies common to your area.

"While government agencies make plans to help citizens in times of emergency and crisis, the first line of preparation must come at home," said Gov. Fallin. "Time, energy and lives are saved when families take responsibility for their safety and well-being."

OKOHS provides Oklahomans with the resources necessary to get themselves, their families, and even their communities ready for whatever may come their way through the Red Dirt Ready campaign.

"Just a little preparation goes a long way when a disaster is threatening," said Kim Carter, Oklahoma Homeland Security Director. "From tornadoes to ice storms, floods to fires like we've experienced in the last few days - having a family disaster plan will only ease the stress in those initial minutes and hours following such an event".

To find out more about how to get prepared for disasters visit

For more information about National Preparedness Month or Red Dirt Ready, call Lacey Callahan with the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security at 405-517-8543.