The subjects of humility, silence and hospitality are rarely associated with the season of Advent.

Two Benedictine nuns from Tulsa, Sister Christine Erieser and Sister Catherine Martinez, have braved the recent winter weather to discuss those topics at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

Delayed a day due to the weather, the nuns spoke Wednesday and are scheduled to speak again today. Activities will begin with a soup dinner in the parish hall at 6:30 p.m.

“Silence is difficult to practice in general but, this time of the year, it’s even harder,” Erieser said. “Yet, I think people are longing for it.

“We need to make space within ourselves for it by stepping our of the business of everyday life.

“Even as a religious person, our responsibilities can keep us very busy and interfere with our lives with God.”

“It’s very difficult to find the silence, but the silence helps us keep our perspective,” Martinez said. “These are challenging times. Anxiety seems to be increasing everyday with the economic difficulties and political problems.

“God wants us to be challenged, but not to be anxious.”

Erieser said praticing silence is much like playing a musical instrument.

“Practice silence over time and you get better at it,” she said.

Hospitality, taken in the current way, can make a person pretty busy. The nuns hope to introduce people to a hospitality of the soul, to welcome God and His Son in.

Erieser and Martinez will offer suggestions and ideas to help cultivate silence, humility and hospitality.

“We hope people will leave the program better able to incorporate these ideas in their lives," Martinez said.