Miami City Council members approved the annexation of 10 acres of land eyed for tribal housing - one third of which lies in the floodplain.

Council member John Dalgarn cast the only vote in opposition of the annexation, citing controversy over a recent consideration to annex property that, too, proposed development in the floodplain.

The planned housing is proposed by the Peoria Tribe which has indicated that it plans to place about 20 modular homes on a site north of Oklahoma Highway 10 and east of Treaty Road and the Seneca-Cayuga housing development.

City engineer Jerry Ruse clarified that the council will still have to approve subdivision maps and will still have an opportunity to object to development if plans do not meet state and federal regulations for building in the floodplain.

No opposition to the development was voiced at a recent meeting of the zoning committee, according to Ruse.

Long-term plans for the tribe include the removal of the modular homes and construction of homes similar to what exists in the area, Ruse said.