Two Wyandotte men have been arrested in an alleged attack on three juveniles and an adult male.

Michael Anthony Morrison, 24, and Eric Lee Deaton, 19, of Wyandotte, were identified by witnesses and arrested Tuesday, just after the incident.

According to local law enforcement officials, the victims were attending to a teenage boy who had been involved in a bicycle accident when they were allegedly attacked in a parking lot by two unknown subjects.

According to Miami Police Officer David Dean, a Miami couple was called to a parking lot at 1008 North Main, where it was reported that their 14-year-old son was involved in a bicycle accident.

The couple told police that a brown Monte Carlo pulled into the parking lot and a male subject exited the vehicle and began yelling at a crowd of juveniles gathered in the parking lot.

Morrison allegedly hit a 16-year-old boy in the face and then struck another bystander, also 16, in the jaw three times.

Witnesses said the Deaton hit the father of the injured bicyclist several times and hit the bicyclist, before fleeing the scene.

The father of the injured bicyclist reportedly chased the suspects as they traveled south on Main Street until authorities responded.

Ottawa County Deputy Matt Redden began pursuit of the vehicle and apprehended the suspects in the 100 block of B Street NE.

The 14-year-old boy and one of the 16-year-old alleged victims were transported to Integris Baptist Regional Health Center, where they were treated for injuries, according to police reports.

All four suspects in the vehicle were arrested on alcohol-related charges, according to Redden.

Morrison also faces charges for eluding an officer. Authorities anticipate that Morrison and Deaton will also be charged with assault and battery.