The Miami Public Library's new online catalog gives more information about the books as well as allowing patrons access to their accounts.

“We feel it's a better base for our patrons,” Patti Billings, the library's computer technician, said of the new on-line catalog. “It's Web based and allows more options.”

The library had its previous online catalog for nine years.

“It was designed for and geared toward students,” Billings said. “The new catalog is designed specifically for small and mid-town size libraries.”

It is a product of Biblionix of Texas.

The Miami Public Library was able to purchase the program at a greatly reduced price as only the second library in Oklahoma to use it.

The options available include reviews and exerpts on most of the books.

Among the most interesting options is to “See What's Hot.”

Checking options one can see the newest items in the library for time periods for a week to two months and all items or narrow it down to books, DVDs, audios, ets.

Open the catalog and one may search the books, but one must enter a library card number and phone number to access account information.

“People can check a box if they want the information remembered and then they won't have to retype it,” Billings said. “By putting in their library card number they have access to all the library's programs without a password.

When typing in a library card number, do not type in the P at the beginning. It stands for patron and is not needed.

When a book is located through the Web site, it can be reserved there.

“Getting used to a new system or program can be difficult for some people,” Billings said. “The library's staff is more than happy to help them with it, either in the library or they may call us from home.