OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) A bill to permit guns to be carried on college campuses in Oklahoma has died in a Senate committee.

The measure, by Sen. Randy Bass, D-Lawton, authorized law enforcement officers who are certified by the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training, known as CLEET, to carry concealed weapons on campus. A concealed gun carry permit also would be required.

Defeat of the measure in the Senate education budget subcommittee means the issue is dead for the two-year legislative session in the Senate, Bass said Wednesday.

However, Rep. Jason Murphey, R-Guthrie, said he will try to pass his bill to allow instructors and certified employed law enforcement officers to carry concealed weapons on campus.

He said he will make sure his plan is different from the Senate plan so it can be heard in that chamber.

Glen D. Johnson, chancellor of higher education, praised the vote in the Senate committee.

"We believe that the ongoing efforts of both the Campus Life and Safety and Security (CLASS) Task Force and our colleges and universities will be sufficient to continue to provide a secure environment for our students, faculty and visitors," Johnson said.