Each year the City of Miami provides a day of fun and summer activities for area children.

This yearís summer recreation program is slated to begin June 1 and will continue through the end of the month.

Monday through Friday three buses depart at 8:30 to pick up participants in the Miami area for transportation to Riverview Park. Kids in the Summer Rec Program spend the morning playing games, such as crochet, rugby, bertha ball and horseshoes.

"We wanted to get them involved in activities they donít normally participate in," Johnson said. "We donít play basketball, unless we have a rain day, or baseball. We play games most of these kids have never played before. I think it keeps their interest up. We also do some crafts for the kids that donít want to participate in sports."

At noon NEO A&M College will provide lunch to all participants at the park.

At 1 p.m. the students are taken back home or their parents can pick them up.

The six-week program is funded through the city utilities department. Residents of Miami pay an additional 70-cents per month on their utility bill to fund the program that is designed to keep school-age children busy during part of the summer. Johnson said the program also teaches kids things they may not otherwise have the opportunity to learn.

"We take them to the library and show them how to use it," Johnson said. "Sometimes kids get isolated in the summer when school is out. This gives them the opportunity to get them off the couch and interact with other kids and teaches them new things."

Area children who do not participate in the summer recreation program can take advantage of free breakfast and lunch at NEO from May 25 - July 10.

Breakfast is served at 7:30 and lunch is served at 11:30.