Power has been restored to all of Miami’s primary and secondary power lines, according to the city’s utility superintendent.

Jerry Ruse, who also serves as Miami’s city engineer, said Tuesday that remaining outages — to the city’s knowledge — are due to service connection problems. In those cases, property owners are responsible for having damaged meter boxes and weather heads repaired by a licensed electrician before the city can reconnect service.

Utility crews reconnected service to approximately 200 homes on Tuesday as electricians phoned in notification of completed repairs, according to Ruse.

More than 200 remain on a list of residential customers who have notified the city that they are waiting for repairs.

What is not known, according to Ruse, is how many, if any, utility customers have been overlooked.

“Anyone who does not have power as of 6 a.m. this morning should call us,” Ruse said. “Even if they have already called. We want to make sure that no one has been lost in the shuffle.”

City officials have asked residents to turn on a porch light so that restored power can be visually confirmed.

Seven crews are currently working in Miami. On Tuesday, four were doing reconnects in the northeast area while two worked on the city’s south side and a single crew reconnected power in the northwest.

Electricians are saying that their remaining service orders could take two weeks to complete, according to Ruse. He spent a portion of Tuesday contacting state resources in an effort to quicken the pace of restoration.

“All the other communities are having the same problem,” Ruse said.

“We are on the downside,” Ruse said. “It is good news — but not for those people who still remain without power. We are doing everything we can to restore power to them as quickly as possible.”

Debris Removal

Bid packets were issued Tuesday to 19 contractors interested in cutting, collecting, removing, hauling and dumping tree debris left behind after the recent ice storm.

The contractor awarded the bid is expected to move an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 cubic yards of debris from city right-of-ways to a staging area at 1117 Veterans Boulevard near the city’s transfer station.

There, the city will oversee grinding, chipping and burning of the debris.

Written bids will be accepted until 5 p.m. today at which time the city purchasing agent will review the bids.

City engineer Jerry Ruse said Tuesday that the city is asking that the process be completed in 60 days.

Property owners are asked to have fallen trees, limbs and tree debris at their curbs by Jan. 2 for retrieval.

Still without power?

City officials are asking residents who remain without electrical power today to call 541-2240 or 541-2241.

To schedule a service connection, after repairs to meter boxes or weather heads have been completed, call 541-2329.