BREAKING REPORT  5:36 P.M. — Miami police officials are looking for information regarding an alleged armed robbery of a driver stopped at a Miami intersection today (Friday).

According to Assistant Police Chief Todd Chenoweth, a Welch woman was waiting at a traffic signal at the intersection of 22nd Avenue and N. Main Street when a masked man approached the passenger window of her white Jeep Grand Cherokee. He then entered the vehicle and claimed to be carrying a gun.

The driver told police that she had just left her place of employment and was on her way to make a business deposit at Arvest Bank shortly after 11 a.m.

The alleged gunman, reportedly wearing a black coat, green gloves and an olive drab face mask, told the driver to "do what I say and you won't get hurt," a police report indicates.

The woman said that she did not see a gun because the man kept his right hand in his coat pocket.

The man instructed the woman to drive outside of town and he guided her to a location near Stepp's Ford Bridge, according to the incident report.

The man allegedly grabbed the bank bag from the floor of the Jeep, got out of the vehicle and fled on foot — advising the woman that he would shoot if she attempted to follow him across the bridge.

The woman told police that she backed her vehicle up and drove away from the scene.

Because the man reportedly wore a heavy coat, mask and gloves, the woman said she was unable to provide any physical details.

Police are now looking for information from anyone who witnessed the incident.

Anyone who can provide information about the alleged robbery should call the Miami Police Department at 542-5585 and ask for Detective Glenn Johnston.