A domestic dispute turned into a brawl in Grove Saturday night, February 7th, resulting in the arrest of five Afton residents on multiple charges, according to a report by the Grove Police Department.

Christopher Kennerly, 34, has been charged with assault and battery, assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, and destruction of private property.

Katherine Del Carmen Kennerly, 33, has been charged with obstructing an officer and assault and battery.

Rance Black, 22, has been charged with obstructing an officer.

Stephanie Black, 21, has been charged with obstructing an officer.

Lester Black, 47, has been charged with obstructing an officer, and assault and battery on a police officer.

A warrant has been issued for Shelley Barton, 24, for assault and battery.

According to Grove Assistant Chief Dan Hinman, possible additional charges are pending against all six.

The altercation took place at the Village Apartment Complex in Grove around 11:45 p.m., according to the report.

Officer Ray Harvey was first to arrive on the scene after a dispatcher received a call concerning a "large fight in progress."

Officer David Sergeant arrived a short time later and as the two officers were attempting to calm Christopher Kennerly down, he allegedly punched Sergeant in the face.

Officer Harvey grabbed Christopher Kennerly from behind, according to the report, and Kennerly’s wife, Katherine, reportedly jumped in and grabbed Harvey’s arms as he was attempting to subdue Kennerly.

Harvey told Katherine Kennerly to stay back or she would be arrested, and he and Officer Sergeant continued wrestling with Christopher Kennerly.

According to the report, Harvey then became aware that Katherine Kennerly, Lester Black, Rance Black, and Stephanie Black were "advancing" on himself and Sergeant.

Harvey reported that he told them to stay back and they continued to advance, he drew his gun to hold them back.

Officer Mike O’Herin.

 arrived on the scene, and the three officers finally managed to subdue Kennerly and keep the other suspects at bay, the report said.

All five of them were taken into custody without further incident.

The dispute reportedly broke out when Barton came to pick up her children from their father and he refused to allow her to take them.

She reportedly came back later with the five suspects to collect the children, and a physical altercation involving the father, his sister-in-law, Barton, the Kennerlys, and the Blacks ensued.

"We were fortunate that there were three officers on duty that night," said Grove Police Chief Mark Morris. "We are glad that no one was seriously hurt."