The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office has released information that on March 1 they received a call of a stabbing in Peoria, Oklahoma. An anonymous caller reported that a man had been stabbed inside the residence of a local Peoria man.

According to Ottawa County Sheriff's Detective Derek Derwin, “Deputies arrived on scene, and spoke to the Peoria resident who reported that he was lying on his bed inside his house, when his front door opened, and a young man by the name of Ryan Ervin, 18, of rural Quapaw, entered his residence demanding money owed to a friend.”

“The 57 year old Peoria man stated that Ervin attacked him, by punching him about the head and body while he was in bed. According to the man Ervin told him that he intended to take his wallet and cigarettes. The Peoria resident was then able to get off of the bed and grab a knife, and swung the knife at Ervin, striking him in the chest.”

Derwin said, “The Peoria man told detectives that Ervin then fled his residence and got into a vehicle and drove away. The resident told detectives that Ervin did steal one pack of cigarettes, which were hand rolled, and had flavored tobacco inside a store bought pack. The resident also had lacerations on both arms, which he said he received during the incident, from falling and defending himself.”

According to Derwin an investigation found that the witnesses said that Ervin fled the residence in a blue Chevrolet Camaro, and went to the Terry Spencer residence, which is located right outside the town of Peoria. There, Ottawa County detectives, and deputies, along with an officer with the Bureau of Indian officers conducted a search of Spencer's residence.

Spencer, told deputies he was on probation, and also gave officers permission to search his blue Chevrolet Camaro. Blood was located on the passenger side of the vehicle, indicating that Ervin did not drive from the scene, also a pack of cigarettes matching the description of those taken from inside the older male’s home.

Deputies also learned that a man by the name of Ronald Powell, age 51, of Quapaw, Ok. drove Ervin to and from the residence. Officers found Powell hiding in a travel trailer, on the Spencer property. Powell was arrested for un-related warrants, and booked into the Ottawa County Jail. Powell later admitted to detectives that he did indeed drive Ervin to and from the scene. On the scene deputies learned that Ervin had been driven by a family member to the Integris Baptist Emergency Room in Miami.

According to Derwin, deputies arrived at the emergency room, and spoke to Ervin who told his account of the incident. Ervin stated that he went to the residence to collect money for his friend, when the resident became enraged, and stabbed him for no apparent reason. Ervin did not mention to deputies that he had taken property from the residence. Ervin also told deputies that he drove himself to and from the residence in a different vehicle. Ervin was then flown by helicopter to St. Francis Hospital for medical treatment for the stab wound in his chest.

Derwin said on March 5, after Ervin was released from the hospital, Ottawa County investigators interviewed him at the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department. Ervin told deputies that he drove himself to the scene, engaged in conversation with the resident, and asked for money. Ervin said that the resident became enraged, and picked up a knife and stabbed him. Ervin said that took the pack of cigarettes, after getting stabbed, and fled the scene.

All reports and statements were submitted to the Ottawa County District Attorneys office. A warrant for First Degree Burglary charge for Ervin was issued on March by the Ottawa County District Court.

Sheriff Terry Durborow would like to thank the several department who responded to the call on the night of March 1, and a special thanks to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, who assisted in the searches, and arrest of Ronald Powell.