Legend has it that the Chinese invented a fast-paced gambling game, which they used to fund the construction of the Great Wall of China.

They called it Keno, a lottery-style game that put out big-time winnings for only the luckiest number callers.

Today, Keno is still putting out big time winnings, but instead of building a giant landmark, its winners are going away with bricks of cash.

The game is widely loved for its quick payout and big turnaround opportunities. A lucky guy or gal could potentially turn $1 into $100,000 in one turn.

That's what has attracted so many players over the years, turning this yeoman's game into one for the classy, casual and quirky alike.

But with so many varieties, it helps to do the homework.


Like to do your gambling inside the casino walls? In the standard format of Keno, gamblers can get the familiar feel of a real machine with the excitement of the lottery payout.

Multi-Race Keno

The casino accepts wagers between one and 1,000 consecutive games.

Keno To Go

A desktop can turn into a real moneymaker as gamblers can play real-time games from home on their favorite casino's website.

How to Play:

1. Start Right: Decide how many numbers you want to play (from one to 10) per game. The more numbers that are matched, the bigger the winnings

2. Back It Up: Decide how much you want to wager on your line ($1 to $20) per game.

3. Choose Your Poison: Go with your gut and pick the numbers yourself, or let the machine “Quick Pick” at random.

4. Extend Your Chances: Decide how many consecutive games you want to play (1-20). Multi-Race Keno allows up to 1,000 consecutive games.

5. Go Next Level: Bonus and Super Bonus versions allow the chance to enhance winnings by major amounts. The total cost of the ticket comes rom multiplying the dollar amount intended to wager per game by the number of consecutive games played. Most casinos set a $50,000 per game limit.

Keno is a game that needs to be treated with patience, and the right plan of attack. It's been around for hundreds of years and was once a raving hit in Las Vegas because it doesn't discriminate. Anybody, experienced or not, can draw the big prize with the right line of numbers.

Keno's popularity has spread worldwide. An Australian man went home with $4.36 million after hitting the jackpot on a Keno machine he had played for about 10 years. His secret? Change. After years of trying his spare change by picking his own numbers, he decided to use the 10-number-automated pick, and it was a winner.

His numbers, although random, drew the fourth largest jackpot in Australian history.

This was the winning line: 2, 14, 21, 30, 32, 34, 42, 47, 56 and 75.

Like him, a Maryland man walked out of a local gas station a $1.5 million richer after picking five matching numbers all on his own. He, too changed things up, wagering his line on three games instead of one.

But turning your spare change into a change of tax brackets is a matter of luck. Keno is a game of chance, so maybe change is the perfect plan of attack.

The odds of hitting one number on a single ticket are 3 to 1. The odds of hitting two numbers are 25 to 1. The odds of hitting a jackpot are more than 8 million to one.

People do it an all different way, but when it comes to closing the deal, it helps to be in the right place.

There are three places in Oklahoma that offer the many variations of Keno, but only one can be found in the northeast. Grand Lake Casino boasts the best and only Keno games around. The casino is located 8 miles north of Grove on Highway 10.

When it comes to beating Keno at the casino, the numbers never lie.