A Modoc leader has retained his place of authority on a state commission.

The Oklahoma Indian Affairs Commission recently held its annual meeting of the board of commissioners and unanimously re-elected Modoc Chief Bill G. Follis as chairman.

Dan C. Jones, Councilman for the Ponca Nation of Oklahoma, was elected as vice-chairman.

Officers of the commission are elected annually in July to serve one-year terms.

Follis is the great grandson of James Long, “The Youngest Modoc Warrior” and was first appointed to the commission in 1995 by former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating.

The Modoc chief has served five three-year terms as a commissioner and was elected as chairman in 2004. He and has served in that capacity for the past three years.

Follis, a horseman and rancher residing in Miami was first elected Chief of the Modoc Tribe in 1973 and is credited with obtaining federal recognition for the tribe and re-establishing a tribal land base.

Under his leadership, the Tribe has initiated the Red Cedar Recycling Company, entered into a joint venture with the Miami Nation to establish “The Stables,” an off-track wagering casino and has reintroduced a bison herd as part of the Tribe's economic development plan.

Barbara Warner, Executive Director of the Commission said “The OIAC has been a state agency for the past 41 years. I can attest that for the past 15 years I have experienced nothing but a strong, cohesive board and progressive leadership with Board offficers such as Chief Follis and Councilman Jones.”