Karrie Leever

Miami News-Record

The Grand Lake Mental Health Center, Inc is introducing the OLDR (Older Oklahomans Learning to Direct their own Recovery) program beginning June 1.

This community-based program will provide targeted support services to adults 60 and over.

Ottawa and Comanche Counties have been chosen as the location of this pilot program to increase service capacity for older adults.

The goal is to develop an infrastructure to continue expansion of services for older adults throughout the state.

Wraparound plans will be the main focus to form support groups that will go to the individuals home to

make them as comfortable as possible and give them the opportunity to be in their own environment.

Caseworkers will work directly with older adults and their families to help them direct their own recovery.

The program will identify, build on, and enhance the capabilities, knowledge, skills and assets of the older adult, their family, community, and other team members.

"We are not here to pull people into the system but want to be here for their needs," said Perry Felix, care coordinator. "We want people to know that we are here to help them become better able to meet their needs on their own and give them that re-enforcement."

The team will develop and implement a customized set of strategies, supports, and services that best meets their individual needs.

The "wraparound" practice was selected as the key service for this program because of the prior experience with wraparound and the evidence in terms of efficacy for older adults and their caregivers.

Oklahomaís wraparound within the statewide systems for care for children has yielded meaningful results for children and their families.

This program accepts Medicare plans however they donít turn anyone away for financial inability.

For further information on the OLDR program contact care coordinator Perry Felix at 918-533-2673 or community support provider Deborah Reagan,† 918-533-4632.