Miami City Council members unanimously agreed Monday to amend the city attorney's part-time employment agreement to include more than $40,000 of base pay and compensation for unused sick time and vacation days.

The decision comes two weeks after attorney Erik Johnson announced his resignation, effective Dec. 31.

The compensation, which city officials are not calling a severance package, will allow Johnson to be paid through March 31 for the continued handling of “certain legal issues.” Specifically, Johnson will continue with four open cases and claims against the City of Miami. He will also handle any subsequent litigation and claims that arise during the interim period until new legal counsel is secured.

Three months of base pay, according to Johnson's full employment contract, will cost the city more than $13,000.

Additionally, on or before Jan. 4, Johnson will recieve a check compensating him for 405 hours of accrued sick leave and 140 hours of unused vacation time - an estimated $29,000.

Johnson's health care benefits, which includes 100 percent coverage for himself and his family, will remain in force through the 90-day period, per the ammendment.

Johnson was hired as the city attorney in February of 2001. He signed a renewed one-year contract in March of this year which assured him of a base salary of $53,346.02 for up to 20 hours per week of service to the City of Miami, the Miami Public Utility Department and the city's Special Utility Authority.