Rick Santorum and President Barack Obama carried their party's respective primaries in Ottawa County and Oklahoma Tuesday.

In Ottawa County, Santorum carried the Republican Primary with 502 votes or 44.23 percent of the 1,135 votes cast, while on the Democratic side, Obama received 412 votes or 46.29 percent of the 890 votes.

The Associated Press predicted Santorum would carry the state.

With 1,718 of 1,961 precincts statewide, Santorum received 77,322 votes or 33.73 percent of the Republicans who had voted, while Obama had received 55,634 votes or 55.75 percent of the votes cast by Democrats in those precincts.

Jay Calan, chairman of the Ottawa County Republican Party, said after the county election results were in, “Congratulations to all the Republican candidates, any of which would make a great president. I offer special congratulations to Santorum for his victory here and in Oklahoma.”

In the Ottawa County Republican primary, Newt Gingrich finished second with 283 votes or 24.93 percent of the Republicans who voted.

Mitt Romney came in third with 241 votes or 21.23 percent of the votes cast by Republicans.

Romney was in second with 62,282 votes while Gingrich was in third place statewide with 1,718 of 1,961 precincts in with 62,282 votes.

In Ottawa County, the other Republicans on the ballot were: Ron Paul, 98 votes; Rick Perry, 8 votes; Michele Bachmann, 1 vote; and Jon Huntsman, 2 votes.

In the Democratic Primary, Randall Terry finished second with 240 votes, with Jim Rogers in third with 134 votes. Darcy G. Richardson received 59 votes and Bob Ely got 45.

In talking with the Ottawa County precinct inspectors, they all said they had more Republicans vote than Democrats, which the final vote tally confirmed.

Larry Roberts, inspector at Precinct 11 at the Civic Center, said 8 percent of the eligible voters in his precinct voted.

Debbie McBrien, Precinct 31 inspector, said the women who worked with her said the turnout at the Ottawa Tribal Center was about average for this type of election.

In Precinct 23 in Quapaw, 94 voters cast their votes. “There should have been more,” Jim Johnson, precinct inspector, said.

Eve Schnakenberg, the inspector for Precinct 3 at the Senior Center, said 155 voted Tuesday. “That was a pretty decent turnout,” she said.

In Precinct 8 at the First Baptist Church in Miami, Dorothy White, precinct inspector, said 28 Republicans and 20 Democrats voted.

While it was a low turnout, she was glad to see more turned out than in the school elections.

Pat Jones, Precinct 9 inspector, said at the Episcopal Church they had 47 Republicans and 41 Democrats vote.

At the Southern Hills Baptist Church, 196 people voted. Linda Goodrich, precinct inspector, felt pretty good about the turnout. She also said more Republicans voted in her precinct than Democrats.