Ross Gray, owner of AGC & Associates Surveying Company of Tulsa joined The Abraham Coryell Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution in the purchase of aids and supplies requested by the Joplin, MO Public Schools. Efforts were coordinated by the Hope 4 Today Foundation, a St. Louis, Missouri metro non-profit, with an office in Miami, Okla..

Mr. Gray's monetary contribution targeted teachers in Irving Elementary noting "Our company hopes to assist teachers as they work with students who are transitioning back to school to make the experience a little more normal." Rose Gray, Regent for the Abraham Coryell Chapter of DAR in Vinita, OK presented this contribution, along with the DAR contribution, to Dr. Debbie Forte, Principal at Irving Elementary, on 26th August, 2011.

This is the second trip for Mrs. Gray, a retired school teacher. Working with Hope 4 Today, she participated earlier in the school year to distribute Seaman's Journey with Lewis & Clark to Joplin schools. Mrs. Gray reflected on her visits by noting "Public schoolteachers struggle with the day to day efforts without having such enormous odds; our contributions, with the coordination of Hope 4 Today, show them that we have not forgotten our children."

George S. Briscoe, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Hope 4 Today Foundation, summarizes these efforts by noting "The Joplin public school administration has made it easy and pleasant to work for the children devastated by the tornado on May 22. Our community partners, the Daughters of the American Revolution now joined by AGC & Associates, as well as individuals in Northeast Oklahoma join Hope 4 Today to support the values of our Foundation: respect, equality, accountability, courage, and honesty. It is our ‘hope for today' that the literacy efforts in Joplin and other area schools continues to grow through community support. Hope 4 Today was able to provide kid-friendly books, library materials, and art supplies. We hope that local and regional partnerships continue to grow. Our communities intersect often and we know that children benefit directly from these efforts."

"Once an incident moves out of the newspapers or television coverage, it is easy to forget. However, driving through Joplin, Missouri, you cannot help but be reminded that these children live with the changes every day."

Dr. Linda Warner, local Hope 4 Today Foundation director, said that her staff will continue to work with the school as long as there is a need.

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