Richard Denney won an incredible $1,357,909 MegaJackpot on a one-dollar machine on Saturday, April 10th at the Downstream Casino Resort.

The winner, an iron worker from Ozark, Missouri, said he was visiting the casino with a friend and chose the winning machine at random. “[I] walked by and it was the one on the end” he said. After investing only $20, the MegaJackpot winner said he was surprised to learn he had won the top progressive prize. “I didn’t know until they told me” he commented. The new millionaire went on to say he was most excited to share news of his MegaJackpot win with his children. When asked about his immediate plans, Denney said he will use some of his winnings to pay for college for his children, and will donate to the animal shelter.

Saturday’s MegaJackpot is the first to be paid so far this year at the casino, and the first jackpot over one million dollars to be awarded in Oklahoma in 2010. Last year, the Downstream Casino Resort awarded a $195,872 MegaJackpot prizes on a Wheel of Fortune quarters game.

The Downstream Casino Resort is one of dozens of casinos in Oklahoma belonging to a seventeen-state Native American gaming network that includes over 300 tribal casinos nationwide. The network is made up of casinos that carry one or more IGT progressive game. Anytime a coin is played in a linked machine, anywhere in the network, the cumulative jackpot continues to grow until it is won. Including Saturday’s hit at the Downstream Casino Resort, Oklahoma casinos have awarded 63 MegaJackpots totaling nearly $31 million since going on-line in September 2006.

The Wheel of Fortune one-dollar progressive has a starting jackpot of $300,000 and features an exciting bonus spin that has come to be one of the favorite facets of the game for players and fans alike. In order to win the MegaJackpot, a player bets three dollars at a time while attempting to line up the Wheel of Fortune symbols on the machine’s payline.