A city administrator said Sunday that the utility and tree-trimming crews made significant progress over the weekend - restoring power to all but approximately 750 residents who lost power in a Dec. 8 ice storm.

According to Jerry Ruse, the figure is down from last Sunday's initial power report which showed only 20 percent of the city's utility customers as having post-ice storm service.

“I think we made it over the hump today,” Ruse said. “The crews got a lot accomplished … It was nice to see the sun come out”

Tree-trimming crews are preparing to depart from Miami on Tuesday, according to Ruse, but utility crews will be held through Friday to help with disconnects.

As of Sunday evening, about 45 homes in Sky Ranch, Rockdale and an area south of the Neosho River were still without power due to broken utility poles, according to Ruse.

A number of homes still remain without power in the southern half of the city's northwest quadrant and the southeast quadrant north of the river. Efforts will be focused there today.

Two Alabama utility crews which were expected to arrive Sunday, are not yet in Miami.

Once here, they will join the eight crews currently in place.

Much of the outage area are expected to be re-energized today and Tuesday, according to Ruse, with the exception of isolated problem areas and residences where electricians have yet to repair damaged weather heads and meter boxes.

Ruse said electricians are moving fast as nearly 280 work orders had been completed and city inspections are in progress.

Recovery notes:

Chain saw crew - The Baptist Men's Chain Saw Crew is available to help with yard cleanup. They can can be reached through Immanuel Baptist Church 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Monday through Friday at 542-4241.

 Debris in alleys - The city has asked that residents do not put limbs and branches in the alleys. The debris in the alleyways is causing delays when line crews come through to repair service.

Debris collection - Tree debris can be taken, at no charge, to the area west of the City's Transfer Station just south of the airport. Work hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Cable One -Service is expected to be restored to 95 percent of cable customers by Sunday. Eight crews working and four more will be coming from Mississippi, Kansas and Oklahoma to help with cable repairs. Cable One is laying temporary lines to get service to customers on until the main transmission lines can be repaired.

Anyone that has a service line down is asked to call Cable One at 542-1811.

To report a power outage - 541-2241 or 542-6685.

To report un-insured ice -storm damage - 866-560-7584.

Federal Emergency Management Agency -800-621-3362.

Red Cross -918-200-5413 or 800-494-0275.

Miami Shelter - 540-1585.

Miami Police Department - 542-5585.

Oklahoma Emergency Management - 405-521-2481.