(Editor's note: The following is a review of the third of four state questions to be posed to voters on Nov. 4. The remaining questions will be published in upcoming editions of the News-Record.)

The purpose of a proposed state Constitutional amendment by Rep. Randy Terrill, R-Moore, and Sen. Jim Wilson, D-Tahlequah is to make sure an individual or business does not benefit more than intended by filing retroactively for property tax exemption for any year before an original application was filed.

The question will appear on the Nov. 4 statewide ballot as follows:

State question 741

“This measure amends the Oklahoma Constitution. It would add a new Section 22A to Article 10. This section is related to exemptions from property taxes. It would require a person or business to file an application for an exemption. No exemption could be granted prior to filing an application. The Legislature may write laws to carry out the provisions of this section. “

A “yes” vote supports the proposal.

A “no” vote expresses non-support.