Jury trials are scheduled to begin next month in three cases heard during Tuesday's felony docket.

A child abuse by injury case against Christopher William Good will go to trial Nov. 13. The 20-year-old Miami man is accused of causing serious injury to his girlfriend's 14-month-old child.

According to testimony offered by Dr. Clark Osborn the child was seen in the emergency room with evidence of a skull fracture, bruising, retinal hemorrhages, contusions, lesions and signs of prior bone breakage.

Doctors at Saint Francis hospital in Tulsa, where the baby was diagnosed, testified that the toddler had suffered “non-accidental trauma” as evaluated by physicians at Integris Baptist Regional Health Center.

Witnesses testified that Good had been the babysitter for the child and a seond boy on the three days prior to the discovery of the injuries.

The toddler's mother, Elizabeth Dawn Crafton, 22, was found guilty of allowing her child to be abused. In April of this year, she was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

In a molestion case, John Ray Davis, 60, will face a jury on Oct. 26.

Davis is charged with lewd molestation and faces a possible 20 years in prison if convicted.

Jurors are expected to hear testimony from Davis' girlfriend and a 15-year-old female regarding an incident on “Super Bowl Sunday”, in which Davis allegedly touched the teenager inappropriately.

In Davis' statement to police Feb. 9, four days after the incident, Davis said he was intoxicated that night and could not say whether or not the incident actually happened.

Cynthia Jean Wilson and her nephew, Justin Wade Wilson, are set for jury trial on Nov. 13, The pair are accused of beating of 55-year-old Gerald Lee Morgan, Sr., on Oct. 22, 2006.

Witnesses say Justin Wilson, 31, of Peoria, became angry after Cynthia Wilson, 35, also of Peoria, told him that Morgan had sexually assaulted her.

The two, accompanied by a neighbor and a juvenile relative went to Morgan's residence to confront him.

“(A witness) said that, after they were at Morgan's residence for a few minutes, Wilson struck Morgan three to four times while Morgan was sitting in a chair,” Miami police detective Steve Johnston said. “The witness said Morgan fell from his chair and Wilson and Skeens began hitting and kicking Morgan.”

According to witnesses, the assault lasted 10 to 15 minutes. A 3-foot by 4-foot blood stain was located on the carpet in front of Morgan's chair where his head was.

The two are facing life in prison for assault with intent to kill.