A Miami family whose home was flooded in July lost their home Wednesday to fire.

The family of Dusty Miller, who reside at 11 K St. SE, were not at home when firefighters were dispatched to the scene.

A 911 caller alerted officials to the fire, according to a report filed by the Miami Fire Department.

According to the report, the fire possibly started around a wood stove and extended through a wall.

When firefighters arrived, the fire had vented through a south wall of the structure and had extended to the east.

The Miller family was among hundreds of Miami residents who were without power Wednesday and local firefighters believe the family was using the wood stove to heat the home.

An estimated $15,000 in damage was reported.

Fires were also reported in Afton, Wyandotte and Vinita, according to Red Cross Service Center Director Tammie Lewis.

The area chapter, based out of Vinita, is currently working to assist those families with clothing, shelter, food and other needs as they recover from the residential fires.

Details on the other fires were not available at press time.