The City of Commerce is holding a special meeting at 6:30 p.m. tonight at City Hall to discuss and possibly vote to approve the Commerce Housing Authority(CHA) “Recovery Agreement Action Plan.”

Greg Jungman, Oklahoma HUD Program Center Coordinator is also presenting the “Recovery Agreement” at the meeting.

The agenda item was set for a special meeting after being brought to the attention of the City Council at a previous meeting and generally discussed.

“In the course of those discussions a council member asked for these items to be discussed in Executive Session. Prior to the posting of the agenda I discussed the items with the City Attorney(Erik Johnson). After reviewing the agenda items it was determined that they do not meet the statutory requirements to be moved into executive session,” Jeb Jones, Commerce Public Works Director said.

The proposed “Recovery Agreement” is necessary as a result of the CHA's annual score from the Public Housing Assessment System(PHAS) which designated it “troubled or substandard” for financial, physical and/or management indicators. Under the United States Housing Act of 193, HUD is required to establish performance targets, provide incentives and sanctions for effective implementation of the strategies leading to recovery of performance to attain an improved status of at least a standard performer.

The City of Commerce and Commerce Housing Authority under the direction of a newly elected board and interim director Dale O'Neal will be considering the recovery agreement to facilitate these changes to bring the CHA up to standard performance level.

The twenty-four item “Recovery Agreement” lists an Action Plan, Sustainability Plan, technical assistance and training, communication guidelines and setting timeframes for completion.

The Action Plan lists several measurements of achievement and remedies :

Implement a system of time and attendance by following Commerce City Policy and Procedures on employees including relevant information.

The CHA will implement payroll practices and policies that promote transparency and accountability by requiring the Executive Director to follow payroll policies and practices of the City of Commerce.

The CHA will adopt a system of accountability for all checks written against the agency account by implementing a system of monthly check registers and classifying expenditures.

The CHA will produce an annual operating budget and submit it to HUD and submit an audit.

The CHA shall send a demand letter to former CHA Director Bob Crawford for repayment of any funds diverted to his personal use.

CHA shall determine its fidelity bond coverage and submit a claim.

Implement collection and record keeping policies and procedures.

Enter into repay agreements with existing tenant and former tenants(who can be located.)

Under advice of your fee accountant write off doubtful accounts.

Adopt a policy converting unused leave to cash.

The CHA shall produce (via its fee accountant) monthly reports on its financial position and present these documents in each monthly Board meeting.

The CHA shall divert all operating surpluses to an operating reserve account and accumulate reserves until the HUD standard is met.

The CHA Board shall, by adopting a resolution establish a compensation for its executive director that conforms to industry standards and promotes an annual budget surplus.

The CHA shall show via communication between its fee accountant and HUD that spurious retail purchases have ceased.

Update tenant files to include all required information to determine both eligibility and tenant rent.

Maintain a waiting list and application materials to support robust occupancy efforts.

The CHA shall clarify its ownership of two lots immediately north of the CHA offices.

The CHA shall plan to transfer up to 100 percent of open CFP grants to BLI 14506.(This transfer should increase the CHA's operating surplus and provide for additions to CHA operating reserves.)

The CHA shall establish reasonable compensation for the Executive Director.

The CHA shall produce an adopt an operating budget for the current year and each subsequent year.

The CHA shall cease purchases of food and household items with exception of items required for maintenance operations.