Tax statements were mailed Wednesday, according to the Ottawa County Treasurer.

Treasurer Brenda Conner announced last week that holders of property in Ottawa County should receive statements by mid-December.

Fifty percent of the tax assessment is due by Dec. 31 and the remainder is due on or before March 31.

If the first half is not paid before Dec. 31, the full amount becomes delinquent and a 1.5-percent penalty fee will be assessed monthly until the bill is paid in full.

Mailings include a return envelope for payment. Taxpayers can also use a credit card to make payments online at

Payments can be made in person at the courthouse. Office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Taxpayers should note that the office will be closed Dec. 25 and 26 for the Christmas holiday and on New Year's Day.

Questions should be directed to Conner at 542-8232 or at the treasurer's online Web address mentioned above.