John Ross McGoldrick was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance Schedule II and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia after a Miami Police Officer stopped him at 2:50 a.m. Feb.29 while he was walking in the 800 block of E Street NW.

McGoldrick showed Officer Jeremy Myers his identification and said he was on his way to his residence. He allowed the officer to check his backpack and do a pat search. Officer Myers located a gold metal smoking pipe and a small clear baggie containing a green leafy substance which later tested positive for marijuana.

A search of the backpack found a DVD case containing two different types of pills, a spoon containing a dried green residue, and a plastic syringe. There were also two peach colored pills in a small plastic baggie and a paper bindle containing a green powdery substance.

According to the police report, McGoldrick was then placed under arrest and read his Miranda rights which he said he understood.

Mcgoldrick then told the officer that the pills were valium and the green powder was Oxycotin which he had recently injected in his arm. McGoldrick showed the officer the needle mark near his elbow area. He said he had purchased the Oxycotin from someone for $15.

Poison Control later identified the pills as Alpazolam, a Schedule 4 substance.

According to Ottawa County Court records, McGoldrick was arrested and appeared in court March 1. His case was set for announcement on March 14 and he was remanded to custody.