Stand outside the door and listen to the teasing. You might think you were in a high school, but it’s actually an adult exercise room, part of the Adawe Community Center.

The Ottawa Tribe invites the public to an open house of the newest building on the Indian Trail in Miami.

The Adawe Community Center, located at 10 N. 69 A, will be open to the public from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Adawa is the way the Ottawa Tribe pronounces its name.

Refreshments and door prizes will be given each day.

Native Americans are asked to bring their Indian CDIB card or Federal Recognized Tribal card and register for various programs including the Title VI Nutrition Program, the Caregiver Program and the CHR Wellness Center.

Debbie Hopkins, Title VI director and a caregiver, is proud of the new facility.

"We have seating for free meals for 122 people, 55 and over," she said. "If they are not Indians, the meals is $4 each which is for a good meal that’s still cheaper than at a fast food place."

The community room has a big screen television and the machinery to do PowerPoint presentations.

The wellness center, which opened in July, has already given flu shots and hopes to do so again.

It contains 10 low impact exercise machines that are used in sequence.

According to Alta McKee, the Wellness Center supervisor, if one uses each piece of equipment in sequence, the whole body will be exercised.

"When someone comes in they need a physician’s release," McKee said. "We check their blood pressure and sugar before we allow them to the stations, often their pressure is lower after they’ve exercised."

Most of the stations are wheelchair accessible.

"It’s a pleasant place to exercise," McKee said. "There are already times when all the stations are full. There’s a lot of joking and teasing here."

For more information, call Hopkins at 541-1900.