Some Oklahoma voters will be required to show identification when they vote this year in a federal election, according to an Oklahoma election official.

State Election Board Secretary Michael Clingman announced last week that voters who registered by mail will be asked for identification when they vote in a federal election for the first time.

“This is required by a federal law called the Help America Vote Act,” Clingman said.

Several forms of identification are acceptable, including:

€ A current photo identification

€ The voter identification card issued by a county election board when the voter registration was approved.

€ A government document that shows the voter's name and address

€ A copy of a utility bill, bank statement, or paycheck that shows the voter's name and address

“Election officials across Oklahoma encourage all voters to take identification with them when they go to vote this year," Clingman said.

A voter who does not have any form of identification at the polls still will be able to vote, but the ballot will not be put in the voting device. Instead, it will be sealed in a special envelope and kept separate until information provided by the voter can be verified.

Once verified by county election board officials, the ballot will be counted and included in the final election results.