On April 3rd the voters in Miami's Southwest Ward 3 will elect their city councilman for the next three years.

I currently serve on the City Council having served for 9 years. I am chairman of the Utility Board, Chairman of the MIPFA and board member of the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

I would like your support again for I have decided to seek another term to represent the people of Ward 3. It is my way of giving something back to my community.We have great leaders in our schools and college. Our city government works hard for the people of our city so, I would like you to remember the issues and concerns you will be bringing to your councilman. I will work hard to find the answers along with your city council, but keep in mind that not all issues are alike. Some will be solved easily and others with time and planning.

We have a great city and I want to keep working and see it continue to grow. If we take pride in our city we can be proud of it not only for us but for those visiting and passing through.

Current issues facing Miami right now is the resurfacing and repair of the city streets. Wise spending of our tax dollars is essential for the completion of our street project.

We need to focus on economic development and provide opportunities for the growth of our community.

We are going to be addressing some infrastructure issues.

1. Water and sewer line replacement.

2. Drilling a new water well in the Southwest.

My goal as city councilman has always been to treat everyone with respect and to be fair and honest to all. I would appreciate your vote on April 3rd.

Terry Atkinson