Officials at Miami High School confirmed Tuesday that they are investigating reports of an alleged plan to stage a school shooting.

According to Richie Fretwell, assistant principal, a high school student reported to school administrators that they had been advised of a possible school shooting and it was suggested they leave campus.

The student made the allegations on Monday, however, officials have not said what day the alleged shooting incident was to take place.

“Several students were interviewed throughout the day,” Fretwell said. “What it came down to was a ‘he said, she said' situation and we never could determine the origination of the threat, if there was an actual threat.”

School Resource Officer Joey Williams said his past experience with school officials makes him confident that administration followed through with an investigation of the report.

Williams was not asked by school officials for assistance in the investigation.

“They take these things very seriously,” Williams said.

Fretwell said in a threatened situation the first step the school takes is to place the campus under “lockdown.” If necessary, the threatened site is evacuated.

Monday's incident did not prompt a lockdown nor did administrators call for a sweep for weapons.

“Ideally, we liked to keep the students with their assigned teacher so that we can account for every student,” Fretwell said.

When asked what constitutes a threat, Fretwell responded “In today's society, almost anything is considered a viable threat. Did we investigate this situation, yes. Are we concerned, definitely.”

Fretwell said school administrators are still looking into the matter.

Anyone with information about the matter is asked to contact authorities.