AFTON - Implementing a new law regarding mobile home restrictions and variance requirements was the main item of business at Monday night's Town of Afton Board of Trustees meeting held at city hall.

"I have prepared a requirement modification to the current mobile home ordinance for the town of Afton. All mobile or modular homes that are to be established within the town limits must be no more than 10 years old. The board can grant an exception if it is satisfied that the home meets the required standards," said William Gedddis, attorney for the Town of Afton.

The board approved a motion to adopt the ordinance.

A local resident requesting to move a mobile onto property located at Block 25, Lot 6, in Afton, was approved.

"We sent out 12 notices stating the intention of a property owner to move a mobile home into the area and of the 12, we received six responses. Four did not object, two did," said Mayor Billy Mack Harrison. "The area in question is in a flood plain and must meet all requirements and they will need to obtain a permit. We've seen photos and the home is in good shape so I don't see a problem with moving it in.

In other business the board approved an occupational license for Kurl Up and Dye at 3 S.E. First Street.

Prior to the Town of Afton meeting, the Afton Public Works Authority met briefly, exempting one local resident from the sewer and sanitation fees connected with water service.

"This property does not include a residence in which individuals are living. The only water used is to fill tanks and water cattle. I believe that they should be exempt from the sewer and sanitation fees and just charged for water usage," Mayor Harrison said.

The board approved the exemption.

The gas price for Oct. 1, 2011, was approved at $1.399/CCF. Last month's rate was $1.36.

The Town of Afton and APWA meet the third Monday of each month at 6 p.m.