Temporary asphalting and the implementation of angled parking will begin today on a portion of downtown Miami's Main Street, according to city officials.

Miami City Manager Michael Spurgeon said Wednesday that city crews will begin today with laying down a one-inch asphalt overlay on two city blocks of Main Street between North Second and Central avenues.

Spurgeon said plans for permanent improvements to Main Street - as part of the T-21 project - is not expected to reach the afore mentioned two-block section of road surface for about 18 months.

“Out of respect for the business owners in that area and the increase in traffic there and the need for parking , the city is going to go ahead and make the temporary improvements,” Spurgeon said.

Discussion of the need to remedy parking constraints emerged at a council meeting last month at the request of council member Rudy Shultz.

The overlay and striping will cost the city about $17,000 and will be taken from the street and alley funds, according to Spurgeon.

City crews are expected to start today, weather permitting.

Spurgeon said Main Street will be closed one block at a time as the project progresses.