Harvey’s Diamonds and Gifts will  donate 10 percent of all sales through Saturday to help a local woman in her battle with breast cancer.

Debbie Scott, 52, was diagnosed with breast cancer on March 18.

She worked for Harvey’s Diamonds in 2005 and 2006 during the Christmas holidays and continued to work in 2007 until she was employed as the secretary to the Superintendent of the Miami Public Schools.

Scott transferred to the Miami Academy in August of 2008 until she had to take a medical leave due to the surgeries and treatments.

While working at Miami Academy the students began a Yoplait breast cancer pink lid collection. This prompted Scott to do a self-breast exam, which she usually had done about every month or two. At the time she felt nothing unusual.

Scott was scheduled to have a mammogram in July of 2008 but didn’t feel it was necessary since she had no prior history of breast cancer in her family.

On average, 186,467 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year  - 41,116 woman die from the disease.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer women will be diagnosed with.

It can occur at any age, but it is much more likely to occur after age 40.

"I had the attitude that it could never happen to me, which is called denial," said Scott.

On Feb. 10, Scott felt a lump in her left breast about the size of the end of her little finger. The mammogram did show the lump and she was scheduled to have an ultra sound.

The lump was removed on March 12 and on March 18 the pathology report showed malignancy in the tissue sample.

On March 26 Scott underwent surgery to have the rest of the tumor removed and all the lymph nodes in the left arm/chest. The pathology report showed the surgery to be successful in removing all the cancerous areas. However, she began chemotherapy on May 7 with treatments lasting for about a year, ending with six weeks of  Radiation.

Even with the rigorous medical treatment that she has been through in such a short period of time, Scott continues to be optimistic and keeps a positive attitude.

"I have the best husband in the world and I think it’s hit him harder than anyone, however his words of encouragement are what keeps me going,” said Scott. “He has been my advocate and best friend through this entire ordeal. When we first found out about the cancer, he immediately went on the internet and did hours of research and encouraged me to get a second opinion and not to be afraid to ask tons of question.”

Every woman is encouraged to get a mammogram.

One out of eight women will develop some form of breast cancer. Only about 5% of women with breast cancer have a family history.

"Don’t stick your head in the sand, it can happen to you like it did me," said Scott.

Monies from this event will go to help pay the out of pocket expenses andco-pays that are rapidly accumulating. Debbie and her husband Terry will “pay it forward” by donating part of their proceeds to Integrist Baptist Hospital Foundation. This fund will provide breast cancer screening for women who have no insurance and cannot afford these vital tests.