If you're in to the Irish music scene, you won't want to miss the Celtic-American performance of “Switchback” this Saturday, June 19 at Miami's Coleman Theatre.

(Read full story in June 6 edition of the Miami News-Record).

The show starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets, ranging in price from $23 for premium seating to $20 for regular adult seating to $8 for kids (with discounts for students and seniors), are available at the door or by calling 540-2425.

Around since 1994, Switchback has released a respectable 16 albums and won numerous awards around the country and world, the latest being the Irish Music Association's “Top Duo in a Pub, Festival or Concert.”

The duo refers their own music as “American Roots and Celtic Soul.” Judging solely from the songs that play in the background on their website (waygoodmusic.com), that moniker probably fits - rugged Americana with a bit of the archetypical Irish waywardness.

At any rate, it's a show you probably will want to be there for. Erin Go Bragh!