It has been a year since the killer tornado tore through northern Ottawa County, uprooting trees, homes and lives.

"God had to have been looking over me that day," said tornado survivor Rosemary Bridendolph.

Bridendolph had just returned to her home from a day of shopping. She remembers it being a "nice day." There was no need to be alarmed about a tornado or any indication of severe weather coming her way.

As she stood in her kitchen looking out the window at the chat pile in her back yard she said she felt something was just not right.

"I saw swirling around the chat pile and it immediately concerned me," said Bridendolph. "I began closing doors and windows and was getting ready to open up the front door to leave my home and then that is when it happened."

When Bridendolph opened her front door, she had no time to seek shelter. The force of the tornado physically picked her up and threw her approximately fifteen feet away from her home, knocking her out immediately.

"When I woke up, I was in the hospital suffering from a severe laceration to my head," said Bridendolph. "I had lacerations to my left shoulder and several wounds throughout my body from being thrown to the ground."

She received over 100 stitches, including having surgery on her left shoulder to repair the damage she incurred.

Bridendolphs husband Gilbert was traveling at the time and received the call from his daughter that his wife had been a victim of the tornado. When he

arrived home they spent the next several weeks picking up what they could from what was once their home.

"I knew that I had lost my home and everything in it, but all I cared about was knowing that my wife was ok," said Gilbert Bridendolph.

The Bridendolphs were able to recover a few clothing items, some NASCAR memorabilia and part of their marriage license that was found by a lady in Rogersville. They keep it in a picture frame sitting by the TV and seen as you walk in the front door of their new home.

For the past year, they have been trying to rebuild their lives and trying to get past the emotional devastation that they both suffer.

"I want to thank everyone that supported us through this tragedy," said Bridendolph. "We had so many people reach out and offer help and we want those people to know how much we appreciate them. Most of all, I want to thank my husband for being there for me and helping me through not only the physical pain but the emotional pain too." said Brindendolph.