Seat III on the Picher-Cardin Board of Education is the only position with opposition for the upcoming Ottawa County school board election.

Tim Creech and John Garner have both filed to fill the expired term.

Filing ended Thursday at 5 p.m. for the Feb. 12 event.

Candidates who have filed in area districts include the following:

Miami - Clark McQuigg, Seat III.

Afton - Roger Cook, Seat III.

Bill Jacobs, Seat V.

Commerce - Gene Langston, Seat III.

Fairland - Candi Anderson, Seat III.

Quapaw - John Stansell, Seat III.

Turkey Ford - Donna Mouser, Seat II.

Wyandotte - Alan Goforth, Seat III.

Thursday, the Fairland Board of Trustees accepted the resignation of Billy Kerns. His term as Ward I council member does not expire until 2009.

Kerns told the mayor and members of the board that he did not feel like he was making a difference and his time would be better served with his family.

Fairland resident Angela Goodman approached the board to inform them of her interest in filling the vacated seat.

Board member Lonni Cassinelli asked that discussion about Goodman's possible appointment be placed on the January agenda.