NORTH MIAMI - In an emergency meeting held Wednesday, North Miami officials amended an ordinance that bans mobile homes from being set up inside the city limits.

The amended ordinance states that Federal Emergency Management Agency trailers may be set up in North Miami with notification to city officials for a period of 180 days.

It's good news for the Rutherford family who lost everything in last month's flood that left many Miami families homeless.

After seven weeks being displaced, Tim Rutherford, his wife and three children were anxiously awaiting the arrival of temporary housing from FEMA.

The trailer arrived Saturday, but the plan to set it up was derailed by a city ordinance.

“The mayor was blocking the drive and would not let the delivery guys bring the trailer in, Rutherford said.

Mayor Julian Coombes said he had a duty to uphold a city ordinance that was being violated.

“We have an ordinance that says you cannot put a mobile home inside the city without prior consent from the council, Coombes said. “The city had not given consent to set up this trailer.

According to Coombes, the ordinance became effective immediately because the matter was taken before the council in an emergency meeting.

Rutherford said he wasn't sure when, or even if, FEMA would deliver the mobile home a second time for his family.