Picher was once again the site of national attention Thursday.

Storm Tracker Jim Cantore, with a crew from The Weather Channel, spent the day interviewing survivors of last year's tornado that killed six and left hundreds homeless.

Cantore and his crew were filming for Storm Stories, the annual series that chronicles the true stories of survivors and rescuers battling amazing weather events.

Storm Stories captures the drama of ordinary people caught in extraordinary circumstances.  The series tells these harrowing, yet inspiring, tales through first-person accounts and archived footage.

“Everybody has a storm story,” said Cantore, the on-camera meteorologist for The Weather Channel. “In fact, everywhere I go, the two things I always hear are ‘Jim, what happened to Storm Stories?,’ and, ‘you should tell my story on The Weather Channel.’”

Cantore said Storm Stories is coming back with all new episodes.

“Now our viewers will have the chance to tell us their stories," said Cantore.

 The new episodes are being produced in HD for the network by NBCU's Peacock Productions - “Caught on Camera,” “Intervention: In-Depth,” “Mystery of the  Crystal Skulls," "Disappeared" - and after the premiere week, subsequent Storm Stories episodes will premiere Sunday nights at 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.

 The Feb. 22 premiere episode featured the May 2008 "Windsor Tornado" that touched down in  northern Colorado, destroying much in its path, threatening a campground and a news crew, and ultimately hitting a daycare center. 

While Jim Cantore reported from storm damaged areas during Tornado Week - Feb. 22 - 27, to mark the beginning of tornado season, he and The Weather Channel will deliver free subscriptions to its weather notification product, Notify! to residents. 

Parkersburg, Iowa and Picher recently saw firsthand what tornado destruction can do, and while still rebuilding, residents can enjoy the peace of mind that the service provides.  Notify! by The Weather Channel is a customizable alerts product triggered by severe weather warnings that delivers notifications via phone, text or e-mail. 

For more on Notify!, visit www.weather.com/notify.