Miami’s Emergency Management director was arrested on a domestic assault complaint filed by his 22-year-old daughter on Saturday.

Gary Brooks, was arrested at approximately 10 p.m. Saturday at GAR Cemetery after a physical altercation with his daughter at her mother’s graveside.

According to the complaint, Brooks approached his daughter at the cemetery and began “yelling” at her.

Brooks’ daughter said her father grabbed her around the shoulder area and attempted to pull her out of her vehicle.

Throughout the altercation, Brooks’ daughter said her father yelled several times “you killed your mother.”

The two allegedly continued arguing and, according to the statement, Brooks slapped his daughter in the face and began choking her. Brooks’ daughter said she asked her father to stop but instead he began to squeeze her neck tighter.

Brooks’ daughter said while still choking her, her father threw her to the ground by the neck.

Officer Aaron Crockett said he observed marks on the young woman’s neck consistent with having been choked. She also allegedly had three red marks around the right side of her neck as well as several scratches. Crockett said he also observed redness under her eye, scratches around her left arm pit and on the back of her right shoulder and a small cut on the left knee cap.

A witness said he observed Brooks attacking his daughter and attempted to stop him but Brooks “came at him in an aggressive manner.”

Brooks, 64,  was arrested on anticipated charges of domestic abuse by strangulation. He is free on bond.