With temperatures in the single digits, accompanied by wind chill values of well below zero, the animal shelter has found itself in a bit of a dilemma.

There is only a limited amount of indoor space and still several “outside” dogs that have not been adopted.

“All the dogs are indoors except an Akita who is outside but has a dog house with hay for insulation,” said Carol Pendergraph, a representative of the shelter. “He seems to like the cold weather.”

According to Pendergraph, all young pups and small short-haired dogs are inside the main building where it is warm. The others are in the "garage" area in back, which has a wood furnace.

“Since it isn't insulated, it still isn't warm,” said Pendergraph. “They have wading pools filled with hay/straw to snuggle in and there are at least two dogs in each kennel so they have someone to snuggle with. We also give them extra food when it is cold,” said Pendergraph.

The shelter received funds to purchase 10 K-9 Kondos, but only have one assembled.

“We really need volunteers to help put these together,” said Pendergraph.

The kits are used with large plastic barrels to make wind-proof dog houses. The shelter has the kits, but due to weather they haven't been able to get to Joplin to pick up the barrels.

Anyone who would like to assist is asked to contact the shelter at 542-2129.