The City of Miami, OK sent a four-man electric crew to Siloam Springs Arkansas in the interest of providing help with their community’s electrical system through the Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma mutual aid program.

This program comes into play in those instances where natural disaster endangers the safe delivery of power to residents and is coordinated by MESO.

Members who are part of the mutual aid program agree to send or receive aid in case of an emergency.

Siloam Springs will reimburse Miami for providing manpower and equipment.

Miami received such aid after the December 2007 ice storm.

“Our organization is happy to reciprocate the help.  We have dispatched one of our crews to aid Siloam Springs while still maintaining a large enough workforce to cover Miami’s needs,” ssid Electric Manager David Rountree.

In addition to the electric crewman, Miami is supplying a bucket truck, a digger derrick truck, and a mini derrick to support them in assisting the local crews in restoring power to the area homes that were affected during the recent ice storm.

The crew, comprised of Ryan Powell, Derek Boman, Bill Hardage, and Tim Jones left Wednesday.