A Miami High School student has been charged in Ottawa County after two students overdosed last Wednesday.

Additionally, the accused has been suspended from school in accordance with the school's disciplinary guidelines.

Authorities say two MHS students were taken to the emergency room after one was found unconscious and the other lethargic in the boys bathroom.

The boys were both treated for drug overdose, one was placed on a ventilator for a short time.

A witness told school officials that he had been given a small clear baggie containing several pills by the accused.

“According to school officials, (the witness) had thrown the bag of pills in the trash can in the boy's bathroom, said School Resource Officer Joey Williams.

Principal Mike Reece located a plastic bag in a trash can in the boy's bathroom that contained two trazodone pills, two and a half clozapine pills, three neurontin capsules and one Ritalin pill.

“Later in the day, Reece also discovered a single blue pill, later identified as hydrocodine, in the bottom of the trash can, Williams said.

The mother of the accused told authorities the medication was prescribed to her son and was the same medication he took on a daily basis, Williams said.