Shelly Schultz

Miami News-Record

Plagued with chigger bites, poison ivy and exhaustion, the officers involved in a high-speed chase Saturday morning pulled extra duty filing reports, preparing an arrest warrant and attempting to locate a family member willing to assume responsibility for a juvenile passenger.

The incident began around 6 a.m. when officers were called to a Miami residence on a domestic assault call.

I was in front of the residence when a vehicle matching the suspect vehicle stopped at the intersection of 16th and B Street NE, said Officer Roudy Rogers.

Rogers said he pulled behind the suspect vehicle and the vehicle accelerated to a high rate of speed.

I activated my emergency overhead lights and siren and attempted to stop the vehicle, said Rogers. The vehicle continued to accelerate traveling northbound on North Main Street to 23rd NE.

Using his patrol car, Sgt. Mike Kelly set up a road block blocking the exit from the alley on B Street to 22nd Street NE in attempt to stop the eluding vehicle.

I continued to follow the suspect vehicle down the alley, said Rogers. Sgt. Kelly was forced to move his patrol car from the roadway because the driver of the vehicle continued to accelerate and was not going to stop.

Authorities say the suspect vehicle continued southbound down the alley toward 20th NE striking two gas meters and a utility pole support in the alley.

The vehicle continued across 20th NE striking a bike rack and fence at Washington Elementary, said Rogers.

Officer Ron Cravens was traveling northbound on North Main approaching the suspect vehicle and joined the pursuit.

The driver of the vehicle tried to avoid Officer Cravens by traveling into the parking lot at First National Bank on North Main, said Rogers. The driver lost control and ran through a chain link fence.

Three passengers were taken out of the vehicle at gunpoint, according to authorities. The driver, later identified as Bryon Christopher Teehee fled the scene on foot.

Officers pursued Teehee into a wooded area but were unable to make contact with him.

A warrant was issued for his arrest.

Im sure hes covered in poison ivy like the rest of us, said Officer Ron Cravens.

Tyler Wright was arrested at the scene for public intoxication and carrying a concealed weapon.

He was booked into Ottawa County Jail.

Patricia Gorbet and a juvenile female were taken to Miami Police Department, where they were interviewed.

Gorbet was released shortly afterwards.

The juvenile female told authorities she no longer lived with her parents and had been staying with friends in the Miami area.

After making several attempts to locate an adult family member willing to assume responsibility for the 15-year-old, authorities made contact with her grandmother in Anderson, Mo.

Several hours after their shift ended, officers were still wrapping up the case.