The City of Miami now has a Board of Review to hear former Miami Police Chief Gary Anderson's firing case and a mayor pro tem (vice mayor).

It was on Feb. 16, that former City Manager Huey Long announced Anderson's firing. He said it was "for the good of the service."

Anderson contends that under Oklahoma law he was entitled to have his appeal heard by a City Board of Review, instead of Long, which has not been done. Mayor Kent Ketcher announced at an earlier meeting that he has disqualified himself, at the city attorney's recommendation, for the Board of Appeals issue to avoid any perception of impropriety.

The council then started looking for a vice mayor, who has to be a member of the council and stand in for the mayor when he is absent or disqualifies himself, as in this case.

Thursday, Ketcher again recused himself from the issue.

He then nominated Councilman John Dalgarn as the mayor protem, who was elected on a 3-0-1 vote.

Councilman Scott Trussler abstained from voting. Ketcher couldn't vote on the appointment because he nominated Dalgarn for the post. Dalgarn's first action as vice mayor was to oversee the appointment of four members to serve on the city's Board of Review with him. Under the Oklahoma Municipal Code the board must have two police officers - retired or active from the city's police department.

The council selected Kelly Witten, a retired member of the MPD; and Capt. Phillip Brice, an active member of the MPD to fill those two seats.

The code also calls for the appointment of one attorney and one licensed physician. The council selected attorney Andrew Meloy and doctor Duane Koehler.

The attorney, Tony G. Puckett with McAfee & Taft in Tulsa will represent the manager's position, while Carol Lahman of Enid will represent the board.

Anderson will be represented by the attorney, James E. Frasier.